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Helpful Ideas Before Visiting

Before Visiting

It is a very good idea to measure the space requiring a Rug/Carpet, the best way to do this is to measure a Minimum size and also a Maximum size for the length and also the width; as every rug/carpet we have in stock is individual in every way.

You may find it useful to sketch the shape of your room along with room dimensions, take a picture of the space with your phone or camera and also draw where your furniture is positioned.

You may want to consider your color scheme and bring along samples of fabrics, wallpapers and paints and wood stains, ceramic tiles & counter top sample.

Standard Rug Sizes:
2x3 5x7 9x12
3x5 6x9 10x14
4x6 8x10 12x15

Runners: 2'3",2'6",2'8" wide and comes in lenghts of 6',8',10',12' and longer.

Rounds & Square: 4',6',8',10' 

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